As a Canadian screenwriter and emerging director, Jennifer learned the showbiz and screenwriting ropes working with many Canadian and international screenwriters, actors, directors, and producers. She has worked on multiple shorts, features and television in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, occupying a variety of roles, from producer to background actor. Jennifer also worked as a writer’s assistant for four years for a prominent Canadian screenwriter, Alex Epstein, who is now a narrative designer in the gaming industry.

Jennifer’s first professional short film “death isn’t the same anymore” was produced through the SAW Video Jumpstart Mentorship. The film had its US Premiere in Beverly Hills at the Lady Filmmakers Festival where it received the Festival Director’s Award. She had previously participated in the festival’s Script-to-Screen program as a finalist, and optioned her script “Minerva’s War” to Lucky Bag Films.

Jennifer has extensive experience in cyber security, security policy and strategic planning as a former civilian member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She’s also been a model, a fine artist working in textiles, painting and collage, has written and had her poetry published, published books for other authors and helped run a literary reading series. Jennifer was a volunteer in the arts and culture space for over 25 years, and was most recently the Co-Executive Director of Digi60 Ottawa’s Filmmakers Festival and founded Vixens Victorious with a childhood to raise money for cancer research.