death isn’t the same anymore — now online!

It has been two long years since I put together this short film — my first artist funded endeavour. It was a fun project made possible with many creative inputs (they’re listed at the end). death isn’t the same anymore was also accepted into several festivals, for which I am forever grateful to the programming teams. What a treat! Now that the festival run is over, I decided to put

2018 SLIFF Online

Stoked to announce that “death isn’t the same anymore” is an official selection for SLIFF Online June!

2018 SAW Resolution Screening

I spent last night hanging out with some fine Ottawa artists for the 2018 instalment of Resolution, a showcase of work by SAW Members from the previous year. It was a great mix of experimental, music videos, docs, and non-traditional narrative. Happy to see death isn’t the same anymore screen again in Ottawa to a new crowd. I also received some positive feedback on the short. Seeing the work definitely

Fall 2017 Festival Updates!

My film was selected for the Mirror Mountain Film Festival, in their Local Heros category, and my short has been nominated for Best Ottawa Short! Check out the trailer! 2017 festival trailer from Mirror Mountain Film Festival on Vimeo. Lots has gone on this Fall. I went to the Lady Filmmakers Festival  for the World Premiere of death isn’t the same anymore. Then it was home to catch my breath

Deep Valley, short sci-fi, in the anthology Constellations!

My first short sci-fi fiction, Deep Valley, set in Ottawa, is part of the anthology Constellations. This book is the result of writing workshops over the summer, led by David Hamilton. The writing is a lot different than screenwriting, and it’s good to shake things up. Should you feel so inclined… Click here to purchase your very own copy.  

2017 Lady Filmmakers Festival Trailer is launched!

Check out the trailer for this weekend’s Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills. If you’re around and looking for something to do, consider buying a pass or a ticket! My film screens in the Saturday 4:15 block.

First stop. . . Beverly Hills!

I’m really excited to have my first short film premiere at the Lady Filmmakers Festival in Beverly Hills at the end of September. It’s been an interesting road to get here, somewhere I had no idea I would be five years ago when I left my full-time job in pursuit of a creative life. Can’t wait to see where this film will go! For those folks in Ottawa who missed

The life of a vehicle driver….

I remember owning and driving a car. There’s freedom in being able to pickup and go when and where you want without having to wait for a schedule. I had an accident in 2015 with my SUV and gave up wheels of my own since it was getting expensive to maintain….  The life of a minimalist, self-imposed, more or less. Taking the bus is fine, but with the bus strike

First images from “death isn’t the same anymore”.

Mysterious, right? I’ve been working on my short film these past few weeks. It’s now in post-production with the screening date coming up fast — May 11th at Arts Court. Thanks to SAW Video, and their staff, for helping me bring this all together. Here’s a few more shots to intrigue you. Cinematography by Caelan Benn. On screen presence is Victoria Luloff. On set continuity by Emily Ramsay. Location provided by

2017…. is around the corner….

I set out a few goals on a Facebook screenwriting group I’m a part of…  This is a partial list of things to accomplish this year: 1. JumpStart video prep-shoot-post-screening. (in progress — had a chat with the actress for it tonight, she’s stoked, and may even have a location I can scoop!) 2. Two scripts in competition (Nicholl and Austin at least; 2nd Round in Austin — already got

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