I remember owning and driving a car. There’s freedom in being able to pickup and go when and where you want without having to wait for a schedule.

I had an accident in 2015 with my SUV and gave up wheels of my own since it was getting expensive to maintain….  The life of a minimalist, self-imposed, more or less. Taking the bus is fine, but with the bus strike happening right now in Gatineau, it’s a tad unreliable, especially when you really need to get around town…

It took a while to adjust, and then I got back into the groove of a bus take. But, I was driving a 2017 JEEP Compass High Altitude this past weekend that reminded me how much I miss having a reliable car to zip around in. It was a dream to drive.

I’m putting out to the universe that if JEEP wants me to be a spokesperson, I’d gladly drive around a Compass for them. I’ll even pay for the gas.