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December 1st — 2016 is nearly in the can


My JumpStart Mentorship project is rolling along. Over the past few weeks, I’ve done a number of course at SAW Media Art Centre. Notably, Camera on the Move, Cinematography, and Intro to Colour Grading. I’m also signed up for Lighting at the very end of January 2017. I’ve learned just enough in all of these to be dangerous. I’m entrusting my faith in the process, and seeing where it goes.

I met with my mentor Laura Taler today. She’s already provided a ton of insight and she’s going to become extremely valuable next year during production and post. Also, since I have a poetry component, I met with a trusted poetry advisor, Amanda Earl, on visual poetry and playing with words.

Last night, some of the Vixens attended the Holiday Party at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. A fun time to network with the folks that we raise money for during out Fall events.

December will be busy busy, with Digi60, a grant application, a couple of writing and creative assignments, my day work (back at the RCMP for a short contract and loving it!) and all the prep that was delayed *slightly* due to availabilities. I feel confident that I can get it all done. I’m going to need to be extra diligent and focussed over the typical winter holidays. It helps that it’s generally a few days of quiet while others are off doing their things. I hang out with my family on Boxing Day, and this year it’s at my niece’s place.

Next year, I have a big life/house move on the radar. That’s always on my mind as well. More on that as it develops, as I want to make sure not to get too far ahead of myself. All in good time!


“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.”

— Orson Welles

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Signed the option contract for White

It’s been a long time in the works, but I have in my hands the option agreement for the novel white, by rob mclennan. I’ve had the script in various states of completion since the mid-2000s. I can now do another solid pass on it, based on the notes I received through the Academy of Film Writing 5150 workshop, and move on to showing it to producers. Exciting times ahead.

Note: I pulled the image from Creative Commons. It’s not associated with or part of the novel.

“BEDS” experimental short proposal selected for the SAW JumpStart Mentorship Program

I got word late last week that I was accepted to receive a JumpStart Mentorship Program through SAW Video in Ottawa!  I submitted my application in May for an experimental video project that will explore the intimate relationship humans have with their beds throughout life. I don’t know all the details yet, but let’s just say that I’m really excited. We’re intended to have a kick off meeting before the end of the month.  This video project will be a first step towards bigger projects!

It’s a year long process, culminating in a screening mid-2017 at SAW.  As a recipient of the grant, I receive:

  • a one-year producing membership at SAW Video
  • a $400 honorarium to cover material costs
  • 20 hours of consultation with a personal mentor
  • two mandatory introductory workshops in production and post-production
  • two elective workshops
  • up to $1,200 in access to SAW Video equipment
  • an opportunity to screen their completed work at Club SAW

2017 is shaping up to be a solid year!


Screenwriting Bootcamp at SAW Video

It’s coming up fast!  I’ve been getting the prep documents from my workshoppers.  I put the finishing touches on the material on the weekend, and then all systems go next Tuesday!

Part of what I love about putting on this class is getting to work with people who are really enthusiastic about what they’re doing.  They WANT to be there to soak everything in.  It’s one reason why I also take classes.  It feels very different to be learning and doing, rather than tapping from knowledge.

I get a lot from both.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this crop of worshippers bring!

TV pitches and working with people

Over the past few months, I’ve put out two different TV pitches (each having gone though serious re-conceptions and re-writes). One as a co-writer and another as a writer-for-hire. It’s been fun working with new people. I’m excited to see if they go anywhere. They both have some great potential.


Innovation is not just reserved for so-called creatives or leaders — it is for everyone.
Richard Branson

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Toronto…. here I come!

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More learning in May!

COURSE – The First 30 Pages

The Academy of Film Writing
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Screenwriting Bootcamp – July!

I’m leading a screenwriting bootcamp in July at SAW Media Art Centre. It’s a four week workshop style class that will dive into aspects of screenwriting I covered in the Intro class. Worshoppers will be able to work on shorts or segments of features. More info for cost and registration is available at the link.

4 Week Screenwriting Bootcamp

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