Advent (HORROR)

COMPS: First Reformed meets Carrie

Logline: A reformed teen arsonist turned Catholic Deacon returns to her hometown leading up to Christmas to face her past and rebuild her life after a tragic accident but there’s no forgiveness from the people whose lives she destroyed.

Crux (DRAMA)

COMPS: The Circle meets Phenomenon

Logline: A working-class waitress exploits her daughter’s savior status after a video goes viral of her apparently saving someone’s life, but she discovers that the world isn’t ready for her daughter’s gifts, and fights to protect her.

The Christmas Carriage (CHRISTMAS DRAMA) 

COMPS: Hallmark-Style movie

Logline: After losing a high profile case, a hotshot crisis management lawyer finds joy again when she restarts her grandmother’s famous Christmas carriage rides in her hometown, but she soon has to convince the town’s mayor, her ex, not to shut her down when his office receives multiple complaints.

In collaboration with Nathan Estabrooks



Aztec Honeymoon

For Engine 5 Films


In collaboration with Jordan Krakower

We, The Willing

Short scripts

Minerva’s War dramatic short, 2014 (writer; previous option to Lucky Bag Films Inc.)

Top 3 Finalist in 2014 Lady Filmmakers Festival Screenplay Competition

Algebra dramatic short, 2012 (writer; dir. Jith Paul; produced by Treetop Media)

Full Stop dramatic short, 2012 (co-writer; dir. Jith Payl; produced by Treetop Media)

Mary Mae dramatic short, 2011 (wrier; dir. Kristian Lariviere; produced by Rivermen Productions)