I’ve had a varied educational and career life.  A little tech, a little art, a little fashion, and some math and writing thrown in for good measure. I’ve never backed away from anything I wanted to try my hand at.

I left home at sixteen to attend CEGEP Heritage College in Hull, and took Commerce. I was good at math and numeracy so I thought “what the hell’. Nearly two years later, and very close to graduation, I was “convinced” to continue on at Heritage and study Electronics since there was a tech boom, and the administration wanted to increase the number of women in the program. I won a Canadian Scholarship, and did very well with a reduced workload because of my previous Diploma. Within a few months though, I became disillusioned and tired with school. I left at the end of the first year to work.

At the same time, I also started a semi-pro modelling career, and did some art print work, and some fashion and runaway shows in and around Ottawa. I loved modelling, but I found that the desire to be very thin wasn’t in my nature. At 19, I was working out six days a week and eating a skimpy amount of food. I look at those pictures now, and although I look fine, I probably wasn’t really healthy. So, my modelling was short lived, but worth doing.

Shortly after leaving school, I landed a job working at a famous local art store, Wallack’s, and I stayed there for four years full-time. I quickly learned all there was to know about every kind of art and drafting supply imaginable. Four years of working full-time and I was ready for a change again. I woke up one day with the notion that I would restart my Electronics studies. I enrolled and was immediately placed back in exactly where I left, going straight into second year. The adjustment period was brutal. But I was smart, so I managed to pull through. I only nearly flunked one class. The teacher was very generous and gave me some extra chances to bring up my mark. I was a full-time student again in no time.

Four semesters later, I graduated at the top of the class. I had a job offer pending with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s National Police Force. I was recruited as an Electronics Engineering Technologist.

Shortly after arriving at the RCMP, I was put on several major IT Security Projects. I worked closely with RCMP counterparts across the country for nine years. I was very fortunate to have been a part of the Silver and Gold Exercise teams with some incredible men and women on the lead up to the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. It was definitely a highlight of my career.

In and around the same time, I obtained a Personal Training Certificate and I became an Olympic Weightlifting Referee, Category 4 (Provincial, Ontario).

In 2007 I was selected for a leadership development course. It lasted about 18 months. I left on a stretch assignment at the beginning of 2010 to conduct an Integrated Planning Review. When that was finished, I moved on to a role as a External Audit Liaison, under the guidance of senior officers in charge of the audit. In 2011, I moved back to various planning projects and working groups.

In 2012, I left my RCMP career to pursue my dream of being a screenwriter.

I have always been artistic. I won several awards for Art in high school. I’ve also been writing stories for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize how important it was to me until I could do nothing more about it than really give it a go.

I now split my time between screenwriting projects, co-directing the Digi60 Filmmakers Festival, Vixens Victorious, teaching screenwriting and policy writing work.

When I’m not working, which these days is rare, I’m usually enjoying live music, catching movies, or enjoying down time with family and friends.