I set out a few goals on a Facebook screenwriting group I’m a part of…  This is a partial list of things to accomplish this year:

1. JumpStart video prep-shoot-post-screening. (in progress — had a chat with the actress for it tonight, she’s stoked, and may even have a location I can scoop!)

2. Two scripts in competition (Nicholl and Austin at least; 2nd Round in Austin — already got my pass for 2017!) and a few more pitches and projects in the mix. (in progress — I’ve got at least one killer idea for a brutally funny script that’s been boring a hole through my desk, as well as a high concept horror, and a high concept sci-fi feature (maybe limited TV series!) brewing.)

3. Two screenwriting workshops — one through SAW, one at Heritage College in ContEd.

4. Pitching and representation. (Writing pitch type docs is fun, and I want to work on getting down to LA again.)

5. Screenwriting work. (I’ve been lucky to work with some fine folks in town, writing their projects and polishing them along the way).

6. There’s also a house move on the near-far horizon. That means big changes living wise. More time outdoors, is the hopes. Less time slaving on a computer. More life. Less work.

7. The house move will also allow me to move forward on my web series…  it’s been a long road, but in order to do things the way I want, I need to pay people. Hard to do that with no money. Hoping that changes so I can at least start that process this year.

LOTS of things to do, including working full-time and trying to have a life. Still not sure how it will all get done.

2017 is going to be a wild ride.